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Insightful discussion at the UMA Women Physicians' Section meeting

I had the honor of sharing my Heal Thyself presentation at the Utah Medical Association Women Physicians' Meeting yesterday.  We had a lively discussion and a nice, diverse group of practitioners.  Represented specialties ranged from pathology to OB, anesthesiology, physical medicine, opthamology, ER, surgery and family practice.  Experienced physicians were intermixed with second year medical students.  A few resident trainees and newly practicing doctors sprinkled throughout the audience.  Thank you to all those who attended, and welcome to the site if my presentation referred you here!

Our myriad perspectives on work-life balance as both physicians and women were the highlight of the evening.  Thanks also to the medical students who recommended that I present at the UofU!  I am excited to bring these messages to medical students in hopes of instilling the importance of stress management and self-care early in your careers.  

I challenge attendees (and everyone for that matter) …


I coined the term PracticeBalance as both a noun and a verb.  Our aim is to help you integrate balance into your practice, whether you are practicing medicine, law, business or any other busy profession.  Stay tuned for insightful information, practical templates, no-nonsense tips geared toward the professional with multiple life roles.  We also hope to provide services further down the road to help you integrate these concepts into your practice!  Thanks for your support!