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Filling my "Black Bag"

“I’m not sure the kind of tired I am can be fixed by a vacation.”  – Quote from the movie The Adjustment Bureau
As I mentioned before, stress is entirely perceptual and individual.  In turn, the path to work/life balance can vary widely from person to person.  As the name of my blog implies, this quest is merely a practice.  Like the practice of yoga or the practice of piano, there is no particular endpoint; the destination is the journey.  I spent much of my time during my leave of absence researching and practicing different stress management techniques, all in hopes of figuring out the best combination of things that would work for me. 
In the era of house-calls, physicians would carry their own black bags to appointments, housing a bevy of tools used to facilitate healing.  Likewise, we all need to construct the same type of toolbox for our own self-care.  Sadly, few people stop the march of their daily lives to consider the possibilities.  I was forced to look at them head-on, hav…