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Been on vacation lately?

Enjoying the view from our apartment deck on my recent 3-week trip to Greece

Please excuse the lack of posts on PracticeBalance, but I have just returned from a long vacation... the first in at least 4 years and the first of (hopefully) many similar vacations. I had hoped to post this during my trip, but my current lack of blogging skills rendered me unsuccessful (this should change thanks to my newIpad app!)

When I say "vacation", I don't mean a trip to the spa or a couple of days in the mountains... I mean a REAL vacation. One that allows you to separate yourself from your many roles and responsibilities at work and at home. One that affords true relaxation, a complete "reset". Of course, if you're currently completing professional training, your vacations are more truncated and prescribed than you would like. But eventually you will be finished with the current hoops you're jumping through, and you will have the opportunity to take a longer perio…