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Five Things Rock Climbing Has Taught Me About Stress Management

Dawn climbing at Rifle

I've been on one of my optimal vacations this month, this time rock climbing in Rifle, Colorado. As with all optimal vacations, there was ample time for reflection and fostering creative ideas. In fact, I've got a lot of new post ideas and blog improvements coming your way!

I've been rock climbing (with some breaks due to schooling and illness) for about 15 years now. Of the many styles of climbing out there, my preferred type of climbing is sport climbing - a more athletic style involving pre-placed fall protection (bolts) in the rock usually up to about 100 feet high, which translates to greater focus on the physical movement required to get to the top of a climb. For a better description, read this.

One of my favorite aspects of sport climbing is the process of sending a project route. You pick a "project" - most likely a climbing route that is at your maximum or slightly beyond your perceived ability, and you work out the moves from g…

On a Roll... PB Featured on Kevin MD!

I am again honored that one of my favorite blogs, KevinMD, picked up a shortened version of my Professionalism APGAR post! Two features in one week... lots of activity here! You can view the KevinMD post here.

KevinMD (read more about founder Kevin Pho here) is a blog that syndicates pieces on all sorts of medically-related topics. There are multiple posts per day, always seemingly timed to provide a great diversity of subject matter. Not only does the blog feature all sorts of physician-written material on medical policy, social media, Dr-Pt relationship, medical science, etc... it also occasional features pieces from a patient or business perspective.

If you were referred to PracticeBalance from KevinMD, welcome! I'd love to hear feedback on what you see and what you'd like to see more of!

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PracticeBalance Featured on Mark's Daily Apple!

Mark's Daily Apple has been one of my favorite blogs since I started reading blogs. Founded by Mark Sisson, nutrition/lifestyle expert and author of The Primal Blueprint, the site consistently posts thought-provoking content in line with Mark's comprehensive plan for healthy living.

What I love most about it is how... well, balanced it is. While many of his concepts are rooted in a Paleo-style diet, he recognizes the mutliple facets that combine to make up our lives... diet, exercise, sleep, sun, play, relationships, etc. Check out his Definitive Guide to see the kind of holistic approach I'm referring to. Not only do I agree with his lifestyle concepts, but I strive to emulate his blend of scientific, informative content with a conversational, relatable writing style. And his blog community is awesome (check out sheer the number of comments on each post)!

So you can imagine how thrilled I was that he agreed to publish my story as one of his Primal Blueprint Real Life Sto…

The AMA Defines Balance on Pinterest!

If you haven't checked out the virtual collage website Pinterest, you may want to set aside a few hours (!) and do so. While it is addictive and could potentially be a time suck if you're not careful, it's a fun way to express creativity if your personal black bag of stress management tools includes collaging and dreamboards, like mine does.

In honor of Women in Medicine Month (September), the AMA Women Physician's Coalition has started a weekly photo collage series dedicated to related themes... and this week's inspiration was Work-Life Balance! Speaking of, the AMA Wellness site has great resources for not only patients but also physicians. Check out their Physician Health webpage, which also links to their Healthier Life Steps Toolkit and e-letter.

Anyway, check out yours truly on the Balancing Work and Life Pinboard, amongst other inspiring lady MD's discussing how they practice balance while practicing medicine. (HINT: I'm the one in the rock climbing…