On a Roll... PB Featured on Kevin MD!

I am again honored that one of my favorite blogs, KevinMD, picked up a shortened version of my Professionalism APGAR post! Two features in one week... lots of activity here! You can view the KevinMD post here.

KevinMD (read more about founder Kevin Pho here) is a blog that syndicates pieces on all sorts of medically-related topics. There are multiple posts per day, always seemingly timed to provide a great diversity of subject matter. Not only does the blog feature all sorts of physician-written material on medical policy, social media, Dr-Pt relationship, medical science, etc... it also occasional features pieces from a patient or business perspective.

If you were referred to PracticeBalance from KevinMD, welcome! I'd love to hear feedback on what you see and what you'd like to see more of!


  1. I am a doctor from India, and a regular visitor of kevinmd. I read your piece with a lot of interest, and will be trying to incorporate this in my practice. Aiming for that 10/10 !!


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