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Maximize Happiness by Recognizing your Childhood Limitations

(One of my favorite pictures of balance and play, taken from a catalog)
Prioritizing is a big part of time and stress management for busy professionals, but it requires self-awareness and a hard look at your deeply held principles. Through my own self-discovery and reflection over the past few years, I've noticed a pattern... I am the most happy when, amongst other important tasks, I prioritize activities that belie old paradigms I had about myself from a young age. Here's what I'm getting at:

During my adolescent years, I developed a belief that I was uncoordinated and not at all cut out to do sports. As early as kindergarten, I remember being told I was already "too big" to dance and was forced to stand in the back of the pack of children for the group dance performance of The Good Ship Lollipop. While other, smaller girls got to play the part of the cute lollipops and candy confections, I had to wear an unglamorous prop costume in the background.

In the fourt…