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There are Three S's in Balance

This post is brought to you by the letter "S"...

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a talk to our local medical school on the importance of stress management and wellness for physicians in training. As a reminder during the holiday season, I wanted to share the key points from my slide, "My Keys to Prevent Burnout". Even though I've written about these themes before (here, here, and here), I thought this would be nice to share again. My message can be summed up in three S's:

Self-knowledge.  The beginning of medical school (or any other professional school) is a good time to start consciously thinking about what makes you tick. What motivates you? How do you handle stress, and what methods of stress reduction work for you? What kinds of things do you (already) like to do in your free time? How can those things be applied (in truncated fashion, maybe) when you're super-busy? A good way to figure this out is journaling, which can be effective from a few shor…

I'm not a resident anymore; I'm the boss, and I'm cancelling your case.

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