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Holiday Inspiration from PracticeBalance

(Our 2012 Holiday card)

The Stress of No Stress

(Courtesy Ever heard of that depression paradox, wherein the prevalence of depression in developing countries is often much lower than developed countries? This is often tied to Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs. In the developing countries, people are generally struggling and focused on getting their basic needs met (food, shelter, safety, etc.) In effect, their sources of stress are pre-prescribed, and they're too busy dealing with them to be bothered with depression.

As a medical student and resident, I kept my head down for years; even through illness with protracted diagnosis and then recovery, my ultimate motivation was finishing the program. The stress, while definitely toxic, was at least well-defined and guided my every move. Now, things are different. A shift analagous to the depression paradox has been happening in my world. Now that I'm one of "the bosses", I've worked hard to set myself up with a lower-stress lifestyle - taking stock of the…