Holiday Inspiration from PracticeBalance

(Our 2012 Holiday card)

Happy holidays! Here is a smattering of good writings related to balance that I found inspiring on the web this week...

·         Whole9's Holiday Simplicity Guide encourages you to spend a few minutes taking stock of your values and what the holidays really mean to you. Then figure out what to do and what to blow off this season.
·         Gretchen Rubin (author of the Happiness Project) offers tips for dealing with difficult relatives during the holidays.
·         With his Scrooge and Tiny Tim metaphor, Huffpost's Mark O'Connell urges us to take care of ourselves first this holiday season.
·         Elizabeth Scott at considers three areas to relax in order to prevent from being overwhelmed during the holidays.
·         Dr. Brian Secemsky, resident and blogger for Huffpost, extolls the virtues of coffee, one of my favorite things in this worl
·         My favorite expert on vulnerability and authenticity (I swear it's like she's talking right to me in her books and blog posts) Brene Brown reminds us of her teachings about joy this holiday.
·         Last but not least, this is old but I came across it on Facebook recently and want to share it - the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, a reminder of what's REALLY important.

Peace and balance to you!

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