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The Case for M&M's

(I always loved the green ones best)
No, this is not a blog post about those little round candies...

In the medical world, M&M stands for Morbidity & Mortality Conference. In other fields or any corporate environment where long-term projects come and go, it can be referred to as a Post-Mortem. Much like an autopsy, medical cases or events or projects are dissected piece by piece to determine the best learning points (either positive or negative) that can be gleaned from the participants' experience.

These meetings are not as sweet as M&M candies, however. In medicine, cases are normally chosen for M&M because they are associated with some sort of adverse patient outcome. In fact, they can sometimes become contentious, bringing out strong opinions about whatever decisions were made by the involved parties.

"But doctor, why didn't you...?"

"Did you consider _____ before _____?"

Depending on the audience, if you are the presenting party standi…