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Is it really just luck?

Photo credit: Jim Lowman,
The word "lucky" is overused, so much so that it has come to represent a number of related concepts. "Beginner's luck" refers to the steep learning curve of a new activity. We are lucky when we escape an adverse event/fate. We've all had the thought, "I am so lucky" when we see someone less fortunate who is suffering.

I've been thinking about this because last month I found out that I passed the American Board of Anesthesiology oral exam (yay!) Of course, I didn't know for sure I had passed until I received notification in the mail, but I had a feeling that I had passed. When I walked out of the last interrogation room that day, I felt like, "That was it?" The whole thing seemed very straightforward; nothing that they asked was really unexpected. I discussed my experience with other examinees. I heard some amusing stories of random questions they were asked during their exams, and I immed…