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Checks & Balances

Farmer's Market Bounty, Fall 2013 Fall is officially here! School is in session, days are shorter and crisper, and OR days thus seem longer. But outdoor exercise is much more pleasant! Here are some of the things that have inspired my practice of balance this month:
I've taken up various 30-day challengesover the recent months. In June, I did a challenge of daily paired leg/glute exercises with increasing density, designed by one of my fave fitness bloggers Bret Contreras. Great results! So in July, I made up a shorter (2 week) upper body TRX rowing challenge. Then I attempted a twice weekly yoga-or-meditation challenge that didn't go very far... :( But this month, my new goal is to complete two walk/running sessions a week with nasal breathing. Check out this article/interview about nasal breathing here; the benefits are numerous, and you keep your pace slow (just walk if you can't keep breathing through your nose - I do this often). My cardio fitness has been really la…

The Practice of Living Simply

Simple food - apples from our tree, August 2013
I was recently on another Ideal Vacation - daily physical activity, ample social interaction with local dwellers and travelers alike, and limited connectivity to internet and phone. One day, I notice that my pants seemed to fit looser. I immediately thought, "It must be all those simple meals."

I've been contemplating the virtues of simplicity lately. It's one of my personal keys to stress management, but in the reality of professional life and work, Living Simply is somewhat elusive. Believe me, I am no spartan: I enjoy the comforts of modern life including my shopping trips, pedicures, and mindless magazine flipping. But pursuing the "practice" of simplicity in your own individual way could bring a welcome perspective to your life.

So what does it mean to simplify? It starts with knowing your core values and understanding your current goals, then finding ways to align those with the choices you have to make …