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Uncovering Family

Photo credit: Jim Lowman
Something shifted a few years ago that changed our minds about having children from eh?? to yay!!... and turning 35 in the midst of a stressful residency and irregular, scanty periods lead me to the GYN's office to discuss fertility. That started the slowly rolling snowball that was the diagnosis of my brain tumor, followed by its removal and my subsequent recovery process. Now 2.5 years out and feeling great, I still do have residual hormonal deficiences that classify me as "hypopituitary", including the inability to ovulate. The upshot of those years of ignoring my nonspecific symptoms is that now at almost 40 years of age, I still have the egg count of a 30 year old.

I have just completed my third cycle of injectable gonadotropin hormones to induce ovulation, followed by intrauterine insemination (IUI).There, I said it.On the internet. Actually, this is not news to everyone. I have been talking about this with various friends and acquaintences…