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Happy Holidays from PracticeBalance!
It's time again to reflect on life's unordinary moments with gratitude and take stock of the upcoming year.
While 2012 was my self-proclaimed year of 5.12, 2013 for me was all about boards and babies. I am so thankful (and yet I hesitate to say lucky) to have passed the Anesthesiology boards this past spring, but the baby aspirations will have to continue into 2014. Meanwhile, I am practicing some balance this winter by:
Enjoying my job and yet setting my sights on how I can stay current in my field. All medical specialties have to complete Continuing Medical Education (CME), which can take the form of lectures, meetings, conferences, or self-study. While the requisite hours must be completed over a 10-year period (seems like forever from now), I have heard that it is easy to get behind! So far, I have only attended a sparse scattering of CME lectures. While I have looked into week-long high-credit meetings, often held in exotic locales and m…