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Realms of Balance: How to Assess Yours

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I recently heard a very good interview of a man named Stewart Friedman. My ears perked up when he said,
"You have to constantly figure out what is important to you." The concept of self-care through continuous reflection and assessment is something of central importance to this blog. The Wharton professor, founder of the school's Work/Life Integration Project and author of the books Total Leadershipand Baby Bust, challenges people to think of their priorities in four main categories: work, home, community, and self.

Since I started PracticeBalance, I have been trying to come up with perfectly concise, easy to grasp concepts that capture... well, thePractice of Balance. In the fashion of my friends/bloggers Whole9's9 Factors, I hoped to identify some basic concepts that summarize my message. At one point, I had scratched down a complicated flowsheet with eight different spindles, because eight (sideways infinity) is my favorite number. Then …

New Year: Different, Yet Same

It's the new year, and I often start it off by doing a little decluttering. In efforts to clean out my study, I came across my medical school yearbook. Each student in my class was given a page in the book that was headed with our (new and strange) "MD" signature and a picture of us in our white coats; any other words or photos we wished to share were up to us. Most people used the space to write thank you's to family and friends, along with photos of the like. Some took a more career-centered route and wrote little blerbs about their residency destinations or future practice aspirations. Here is how mine turned out: Staring at this blast from the past, I initially mused at how young I look. After all, it's been 7-11 years since these photos were taken! So many things in my life have changed... Then, I was merely inspired to learn more about physiology and mind-body connections; now, I have gained the knowledge and experience to practice a medical specialty. Just …