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What Anesthesiology Residents Defined As Effective Teaching Applies to Everyone

The journal Anesthesiology recently published an interesting article in their annual January 2014 Education Edition. It's called Resident Assessment of Better-Than and Worse-Than-Average Clinical Teaching, by Bishr et al. The authors reviewed a year's' worth of resident reviews of all faculty members in a single department to identify common themes shared among above average and below average evaluations. They even used linear regression to evaluate the predictive association of the themes in the good or bad evaluaions. After reporting of this data, their summary of recommendations for effective teaching, divided into four main catagories (and slightly paraphrased by me), are as follows:
Teaching -
Support teaching with primary literatureExplain clinical decision makingMake teaching a priority Supervision -
Teaching should be clinically relevantBalance appropriate autonomy with supervisionChallenge residents to a higher level of performanceBe patient and supportive while te…

The Kaizen Principle: Are You Living It?

Kaizen, literally translated from Japanese as good change, has been defined in English as "continuous improvement" or "philosophy of improvement". My husband, who runs a patent law practice, uses this symbol as the core principle of his business, encircled by the terms, "inspire, innovate, create".
In my opinion, the Realms of Balance are circular and overlapping. Kaizen can be applied to any of the four realms. Mark Sisson, one of my favorite bloggers, was asked by a reader about his personal New Year's resolutions for 2014. He eschewed the traditional concept and instead described his "daily resolution" model:
"I acknowledge myself for [what I'm grateful for] and then ask myself this: 'If I stopped today and just sat back, could I be content to rest on my laurels?' The answer is always, 'Yes, but there’s still more work to be done.' I keep a long list of all the ideas and plans I could start on (or finish) and then a…