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My Latest "Project"

(Old pic)... That 12b is going to have to wait!
I'm told the conversation went something like this:

Husband: "I could really get into this climb!"

Climbing partner: "Is this route going to be your new project this summer?"

Husband: "I think so."

Partner: "What about trips, or are you going to be hanging around here a lot?"

Husband: "Dawn's not climbing much, and we're not planning any big trips this season."

Partner: "Oh yeah... Dawn's project is having a baby."

* * * * * * * *
Yep, no climbing projects for me right now. In fact, after an excellent climbing comeback two seasons ago, I didn't really do any projects last summer, either. I was focused on starting formal fertility treatment, embarking on my "one long pregnancy", and I had to get used to all the additional hormones. They interacted with my body, mind, and other important bodily hormones (like cortisol and thyroid hormone), which took some a…

Yoga for Real People

(Courtesy Is this "real people" yoga? Maybe for some...
After a few years of largely ignoring yoga, I've returned to the mat. I was really hesitant to do so, but I'm very happy I did.

The backstory: I had been practicing yoga on a fairly regular basis (once or twice a week) since the 90's. It was a part of my exercise regimen along with rock climbing and chronic cardio. When I embarked on my self-care odyssey back in 2010, ignoring the slowly surfacing manifestations of my actual organic disease but well-meaningly trying to find what worked to lower my stress levels, yoga was one of my mainstay activities. But after my brain surgery and recovery, I found strength training. Yoga fell by the wayside as I became addicted to the physical and mental gains in strength and confidence that I experienced with weight lifting. On the rare occasion that I did go to a yoga class or pop in a DVD, I struggled to maintain balance in single-leg poses and barely contro…