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Pathway to Simplicity


The other day, we watched a documentary called Tiny. It really made me think: could I live full-time in 100-200 square feet of space? How about with another person, even? Participants in the tiny house movement are doing just that. They have various motivations for downsizing, but the basic common denominator is simplification - something that can greatly help in the realm of stress management! One of the people interviewed in the movie talked about her transition to a Tiny House as a vehicle for removing herself from the hamster wheel of her finance job that involved great stress, illness, and 2 hours of commuting per day. 
As I have learned from my own experiences and discussed here and here, when looking for easy ways to reduce stress, the initial "big picture" approach should be to simplify where possible. I would not generally consider myself a minimalist, but I do strive for a lifestyle of simplicity. While this has proven to be easy o…

Mindfulness Through Dirt

Lilacs: one of my favorites! (personal photo collection)
When I was a child, my parents had a small garden. In order to get us to help with its care, they would pay my sister and me a penny for each strawberry harvested from the berry patch. After hours of work in the Las Vegas sun with only a meager bounty to show for it in the end, I quickly realized that this payment arrangement was clearly NOT worth it!
I never really liked gardening. However, I love the idea of it: savoring your own home-grown food and the romantic beauty of flowers and foliage in your own yard. We have tended to crops and ornamental plants off and on throughout the 13 years we've been living in our current house, but I always tried to make myself unavailable for a good majority of the hard-work part. My husband was almost always the head garden keeper, but in the past couple of years, we have both focused more on traveling and climbing during the gardening season. The result: a messy yard!

This year, I decid…