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You Never Hear Doctors Say, "I Can't Come In Today, I'm Sick."

(Influenza Virus, courtesy
The surgery resident was seeing stars as she sutured the wound. "I need a chair," she whispered, slowly sitting back into the air behind her (where no chair currently existed). The nurse caught her, and I ran over. "I'm just not feeling well. I threw up earlier this morning." I gave her an antiemetic medication. She took a short break but returned only to experience the same thing. Eventually, one of the other nurses put an IV in her and gave her a liter of fluid. Then she returned again to finish the 8-hour case. No one ever told her to go home.

You wake up with an acute illness - say, a GI bug or a bad upper respiratory infection. You're sick, weak, and dehydrated. What is the next thing you do? If you're a normal person, you struggle over to the phone, call your office and tell them you won't be coming to work today. If you're a physician, you suck it up and go on in.

WHY? Why do we do this…

A Technology Vacation...??
In keeping with my recent thoughts on simplicity, my husband and I decided it would be a good experiment to see how we would fare without our most oft-used technology and media devices - phones, internet and computers, TV, radio, and car. After all, there were lots of projects to be done around the house, and we both had stacks of books to read! On a Friday night before going to bed, we turned off the phones, Ipads, etc. and settled in.

The next morning, I did find myself reflexively reaching for the phone to view texts and emails. I realized this was an automatic habit for me every morning, whether headed into work or not. And sometimes, the messages we get can cause stress or distraction from other morning tasks at hand! We went on a nice walk with the dog (something we would have done anyway). We did a satisfying round of cleaning and organizing in the garage. Things moved along smoothly. Until the afternoon came...

My husband decided he really need…