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MRI: Punishment Anesthesia or Growth Opportunity?

I opened my obligatory late-afternoon email to find my work schedule for the next morning: three general anesthetics for MRIs. My heart sank. A week before, I had been assigned to the new neuro MRI suite for a 6-hour interventional radiology procedure, followed by another intervention in the CT scanner. My first thought: who is trying to punish me?
It's well-known in the anesthesia field that these types of cases can be challenging for a variety of reasons. They are lumped into a category of cases that we often refer to as "out-of-OR" of "non-OR" cases. An acronym NORA, standing for Non-Operating Room Anesthesia, has even been coined. These cases usually involve general anesthesia or deep sedation for imaging, cardioversion, other interventions such as ablations, GI procedures, radiation treatments, etc. As opposed to administering our well-established, standard anesthetic in the controlled environment of the OR... with other providers…

Book Review: Thrive

I greatly admire Ariana Huffington; I have always loved the content and structure of the Huffington Post. She was a pioneer of the modern blogging movement, and when I first started this blog I read the Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. It was extremely practical, well-written, and helpful for me when I was just starting out and trying to find my voice.

Sometimes, I secretly hope that the people at HuffPo will notice my little blog and ask me to write for them. Of course then I'd have to come up with something really good! Anyway, my admiration for Huffington further broadened when I heard about her new book Thrive. I finally got a chance to read it (long waiting list at the library!), and here are my thoughts...

Thrive is essentially an argument for redefining success in America. Going deeper, it is a plea to focus on stress management and self-care over the typical metrics of success (sound familiar?). Huffington surely possesses the ethos to talk about success, given …