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Introvert or extrovert? Recognize when you're "out of your element."

Me traveling upstream
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? This question has been discussed in books, articles, and social media recently, as the answer can affect big factors in our lives: how we conduct business, the success of our relationships, parenting style, and what kind of job we would be most happy doing.

The conventional thinking of an introvert as "shy" and an extrovert as "outgoing" is too superficial. It is actually more appropriate to describe an introvert as one that gains energy from solitary activities, while an extrovert is one that gains energy from being around others. The opposite on both sides is true; introverts tend to lose energy from being in crowds, while extroverts lose energy from being by themselves. Of course, none of us exhibits traits on entirely one end of the spectrum between introvert and extrovert. Sometimes introverts do "extroverted" things like go to parties or give speeches, and vice versa.

But are you one of tho…

Self-Care Triage

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of a visit to the ER, then you or your injured party were involved in triage. Maybe you sat there waiting to be seen, wondering why others were called back before you. If your reason for showing up in the ER is less serious than another person's, you will be be seen on a lower priority. This is the concept of triage: the natural prioritization of who and what needs to be addressed first.

With the multiple responsibilities and roles we fill in life during these seemingly shorter and shorter days, it is imperative that we learn how to triage our own self-care. Recently, I was asked by a group of young female medical students to provide some practical tips for self-care. One of them said, "We know we should try to achieve some balance, but no one ever gives us real-life tips on how to do so. I don't know where to start." This prompted me to share some concepts I've had in my head, organized by priority. Following th…