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Checks and Balances

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, so I figured I'd share with you a few things that have interested me lately:
(In the interest of self-care, I've been trying to put the electronics away at night)
I've been into walking recently. I started out wanting to walk an hour every day this month, but the weather and work schedule haven't always obliged. Nevertheless, I have managed to fit in at least 30 minutes of low-level walking most days. Just as sleep forms the base of the self-care triage pyramid, simple walking should be the cornerstone of physical activity for most people. Furthermore, this Mark's Daily Apple article makes the case for walking as therapy and stress-reliever.

This great interview with Elizabeth Dunn, the co-author of the book Happy Money, reminded me to continue my practice of simplicity. Her five core principles of spending for happiness (buy experiences, make it a treat, buy time, pay now/consume later, and invest in others) are g…

A Month for Gratitude

Pumpkins on one of the last days at the farmer's market

It's November, and Thanksgiving is almost here. November is always a good month to reflect on the things we are grateful for, and frankly, I need the "gratitude practice"...

I recently underwent yet another IVF procedure - a multi-egg stimulation and retrieval - because all of my banked embryos from that previous egg retrieval last winter when I briefly ended up pregnant have now been used up. Without success. To be honest, it's been a hard several months of disappointments, for which I was NOT mentally prepared. After undergoing this more involved and invasive type of IVF procedure again (the frozen embryo transfers are easier), I maintain what I've said before here and to everyone that has asked me about it: the physical experience of IVF is seriously nothing compared to the psychological experience of IVF.

Not the most fun way to spend a day off. At least it's only a 22 gauge.

Sparing lots of detai…