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Top 5 Posts of 2014

(Me freezing on a Christmas walk. At least it's sunny!)
I have seen this done by a few bloggers I follow... What a great idea! It was so fun to look back at all the posts I've written this year. Based on internet traffic, I would like to give you a list of the five most popular posts from 2014. #5 was actually a tie for a few posts, as they were very close in number of page views, but I won't list all of those today in the interest of brevity.

Of course, there were a few pieces that I wish had been more popular, things that I was really proud of writing. If you're interested in taking a look back at everything from 2014 you can visit the actual blog and click on the 2014 links on the sidebar. Enjoy, and happy new year! Let me know what you think of the list!

5. Introvert or extrovert? Recognize when you're "out of your element."

4. My latest "project"

3. Realms of balance: how to assess yours

2. Think of it as one long pregnancy

1. What IVF tau…

2014 In Review

This post will be nothing like those year-end holiday cards from acquaintances you may or may not have seen for a while that include a long list of accomplishments and highlights from the year. For me, 2014 was not a year of big travel, notable changes at work, or major fitness successes in climbing, etc.

Instead, 2014 was a year of learning about myself. And this learning predominantly stemmed from my focus on a basic human function, something that many people take for granted: fertility. I didn't intend it to be the theme of my 40th year, but knowing what I know now, my shot at starting a family has appropriately filled a vast span of time. I knew that my hypopituitism would slow things down, but I had no idea how difficult getting and staying pregnant at 40 would actually be.

I'd like to share with you some of the things I have learned this year:

We are all zebras. There is a saying in medicine: "Common things are common." As medical students, we are urged to "…