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Dear Dawn: How do you decide on a specialty?

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I got this comment on one of my blog posts and decided to turn it into a "Dear Dawn" post:

"Thank you for your wonderful weblog and wise words! Sorry if I'm commenting where I shouldn't be, but I wasn't sure where to ask this question. I'm just a med student but I noticed you're an anesthesiologist. That's really awesome! :) I'm interested in anesthesiology too. Have you by any chance written on anesthesiology and why you chose it? I'd love to read a post about this if you've written about it as I value what you've written here and I'm sure your thoughts would be amazing on this as I'm having a hard time deciding on a specialty? I know I'm probably dreaming as this might not be possible in medicine (so disillusioned sigh), but I'm hoping for a specialty where I can have somewhat of a life outside of medicine. That's my main goal, which I hate to say is the case as I feel gui…

Ode to the Deadlift

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This is the picture that most people associate with the deadlift. It even has an ominous name: Dead. Lift. But we have all deadlifted, even my grandmother. Have you ever bent down to pick something up off of the floor? Then you have, too.

(This is not my grandma, but this is pretty darn cool. Image courtesy
The deadlift is one of the most revered exercises, and it is my absolute favorite. Why? It is pure function in motion. We NEED this movement in our lives, whether it's in the back yard (rogue leaves), at the big box store (40 lb bag of dog food), at work (paper wad missed the basket), or at home (furniture rearrange!). Think of the implications: if there was a fire and your loved one was out cold, could you drag him to safety? Your child breaks her leg in the park; could you swiftly get her in the car and off to the emergency room?

I revel in the capabilities that deadlifting has given me. I'm stronger in the core, gr…