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When Do You Disclose a Pregnancy?

I was 5 weeks pregnant and working in the spine room. Just as I finished my intubation and secured the airway, I turned to set the ventilator and administer some important medications. The surgery fellow started to position the fluoroscope near the patient's cervical spine, about a foot away from where I was working. "Please don't use the Xray right now; I need to put on a lead shield first," I said. "Yeah, ok... whatever..." he said, as he continued to fine-tune its position. Thirty seconds later he sighed, then started pushing some buttons and eyeing the screen. I looked at him sternly and said, "I'm serious. Don't do it. I'm pregnant."

Yes, this awkward moment happened during my first pregnancy last year. A very similar situation happened again at work during this pregnancy, but I was a bit farther along. Many people wait until they are out of their first trimester to disclose a pregnancy, mainly because there is an unfortunate  cl…

Book Review: Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

"Changing a habit may be simple, but it's not easy,  and the more tools used, the better."
- Gretchen Rubin, Better Than Before
Former New York lawyer turned happiness expert Gretchen Rubin constructed her first book The Happiness Project from blog posts framed around a year-long challenge of adopting a different habit each month in the hopes of enhancing happiness. Since then, she has written Happier at Home and now Better Than Before. In this new tome, she shifts her focus from happiness to habits. She states in the book's preface that the basis of making change in our lives is the use of habits. As I discussed in my post about rituals, habits conserve self-control and limit decision-making fatigue by turning something into an automatic task. And being a fan of fostering habits and trying monthly challenges myself, I had to read it! I have also read her other two books.

Her observations about happiness and habits are not arbitrary; she researched the topics and p…