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A New Kind of Body Confidence

As goal-oriented, driven people who are sometimes prone to perfectionism, body image can be a source of stress for many of us. Leave it to pregnancy to completely change mine!

I have always been known for my tall slenderness, a substantial part of my ego (for more on what makes up one's ego and how to detach from it, I highly recommend readings by Eckhart Tolle). I would be lying if I said that I haven't thought about how perception of my body (by others, by me) will change during this time, or about how hard it might be to return to a fitter state. Granted, at 17 weeks, I have only so far gone from this

to this

But I feel the change. I can only see part of my feet when I look down, and I'm sure they will be disappearing soon. My pants are tight, and my thighs are rubbing together. I have incredible fatigue that limits me from doing all but a fraction of my normal exercise volume, and what I do is done with great effort.

Yet I've never been more proud of my body as I…