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Coloring for Adults

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When I was a little girl, we went to visit my grandparents in another state. While there, I entered a coloring contest at the local shopping mall. I said to my grandmother, "Now grandma, when I win, you can just send me my prize." This prompted laughter from the adults, but a few weeks after we returned home I got a stuffed animal in the mail for winning First Place!

I've always loved art, drawing, and coloring. I had wanted to be an artist, fashion designer, or architect until the draw of mathematics and science hit me in high school. But now that I'm far removed from the world of art and immersed in a job of science, I still come back to coloring as a stress reliever.

When I was sick and thought my entire constellation of symptoms was stress-related, I researched and tested many different stress relief tools. One of the methods I stuck with was coloring. I started out with a small set of crayons and a simple child's coloring book, but I have …