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November Gratitude, Where Are You?

For the past couple of years, I've written about gratitude during this season (here and here). This November, I have found it somewhat difficult to focus on the things I'm grateful for because my body has been constantly tugging me in the other direction. The nagging symptoms of advancing pregnancy are accumulating, and every day I just feel... sick. There is no virus, no particular illness; I just feel very run-down, not healthy, and not myself.

My legs have ballooned into swollen masses from the thighs to the feet. Every time I move them, I feel either itching, burning, or searing. They are hot and angry and don't fit into any pants except warm-ups and scrubs (and I'm confined to only two pairs of shoes). I'm congested and don't sleep well. I feel constant pain in my medial wrists when I lift or pinch any object due to the joint swelling that can accompany pregnancy. Every few nights I find myself in a choking fit, aspirating stomach contents after an unexpe…