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PB Top Posts of 2015

Another year of practicing balance comes to a close! My year, and most of my writing, was dominated by the theme of pregnancy and baby. The culmination of my "project" for the last few years arrived just over a month ago, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Future posts are sure to include the new wrinkle of parenting into my practice of balance.

The other big change this year was joining the list of writers at Mothers in Medicine. By far the most widely viewed thing I wrote overall was my piece there about the hazards of being pregnant in the OR. It got syndicated by MedPage Today's daily news blast, and there was a great conversation about readers' own experiences in the comments.

Anyway, here is the list of the five most popular posts (by number of page views) on my blog this year. Enjoy, and happy new year! Let me know what you think of the list! Any favorites that were left off?

5. How pregnancy changed my body image

4. My introduction of Mothers in Medicine


Childbirth: The Ultimate Exercise in Going with the Flow

Witness the transformation
I was 37 weeks pregnant and had just completed a busy Monday in the OR, my last scheduled shift before maternity leave. After consulting both my regular OB and a high-risk OB specialist, the plan was to induce labor at 38 weeks due to my significant swelling and increasing blood pressure, so I had already given away any lingering work shifts in the month of December. While relaxing in front of the TV that night, I found my fetal kick count to be significantly lower than normal. I spoke with the on-call OB team, and after going back and forth, we decided it was best if I go to the hospital for further fetal monitoring. I threw on my slippers and jacket (was already in pajamas) and said, "See you in an hour or so," to my husband. I never made it home that night, and six days later I brought my baby girl home from the hospital!

At least we had bought the car seat and installed the bases. The crib was set up, but other things like the stroller were st…