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Controlling the things I can control

My eye twitch is back. That nagging flutter of my left outer eyelid last reared its ugly, annoying head during the sleep-deprived days of third year anesthesia residency and ICU call nights. Before that, I remember its presence while frantically finishing laboratory experiments and writing my Master's thesis in chemical engineering. Fifteen years ago.

But the reason it's here again is so worth it!

I demand your attention!
Infant care is a new kind of stress, one that I have not experienced before. The sleep deprivation is different than residency because it's more of a low level every night as opposed to a punctuated period every X number of nights while on call. And there is no period of reprieve post-call where you can take a nap and be free from all caregiving duties. You are essentially "on call" for your baby. 24/7. Every day.

I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the feeding/burping/changing process, which seems to occur on an all-day cycle that start…