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You Don't Have To Be Retired To Enjoy Walking

A walk with baby in the desert sun
The first physical activity I resumed after my baby's birth was walking. Oh how I missed being able to walk without waddling in pain, which had become the norm during my last trimester due to massive fluid accumulation in my legs. The joy of walking pain-free again has been compounded by the absence of, for the first time since I knew I was pregnant, shortness of breath on any and all hills! We have been taking long walks every day (weather permitting) during my maternity leave. Other folks run by, logging the miles and most likely hurrying to get done with their workouts. Most of the time, they carry a look of suffering on their faces. But we are not on a schedule.

He is hoping we will hurry up
Walking at least 30 minutes most days has been linked to all sorts of health benefits, but I've also noticed other advantages to making this regular practice a priority in my life:

It's meditative. Are you one of those people (like I am!) who under…