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Lessons From My Daughter: Focus On People, Not Stuff

Happy and not impressed with stuff

As I begin to navigate this crazy journey that is parenting and mix it into my ever-changing practice of balance, I'm sure my daughter will be teaching me lots of things along the way. At 13 weeks old, she is now quite alert and adept at exercising her observational skills. She often watches us do things like our myriad preps and cooking projects in the kitchen from a little rocking chair or a floor mat a few feet away. Her gaze is strong, and I can see that she is making connections with what's happening around her. She smiles, laughs and makes plenty of eye contact. What she doesn't care about? Stuff. She could care less about toys, rattles that I shake in front of her, etc. She wants to know about us and reacts to our faces the most. Leaving her with a stuffed toy and walking out of eyesight does not bode well.

During this early stage of development, she's already figured out an important lesson in life. People have more to teach her than things. People have more to give. How to apply this to my life? As I do some spring cleaning this month (yes I'm on that bandwagon), I'm going to remember this and be ruthless in my decluttering. I'm going to make efforts to connect with good friends again now that I'm back from taking my maternity leave out of state. I will smile at strangers in the store, strive to make eye contact, talk to my neighbors more, and listen to my patients at work.

Have you learned anything new (or old) from your own children? How about your pet? Share your thoughts here!


  1. Your baby girl is precious Dawn! So true a baby's needs are so basic and universal - human connection and self-care! We can learn a lot. My kids are always teaching me about life and myself. So great to be aware of the messages :)

    Have fun decluttering!

    1. Thank you Sara! I'm sure there will be many more lessons from her :)

  2. Does "eat massive amounts of Havarti" count?

    But seriously, I'd say she's encouraged me to get to know my neighbors better. They all have small people, and they gather in one dad's yard. She loves to go over and play. Since she's been walking, I talk to them more in a week than I did in the four previous years of living here.

    1. Thanks for that reminder, Justin! We have experienced the exact same thing. All of a sudden we are friends with two of our neighbors who have lived here for years that we barely ever talked to!


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