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Lessons From My Daughter: One Year Old

Lots of growth for both of us this year
Unbelievably, one year has passed since our daughter joined our little family. When thinking about what to say on this milestone day, I feel the way I feel when I unexpectedly win an award or recognition: speechless. I've read some beautiful pieces dedicated to writers' children on their birthdays, stuff worthy of literature... Well, I've got none of that today. Obviously I love to write, and although I'm an introvert at heart, I normally don't have trouble expressing myself when I need to. But I write today simply to say that having and raising this girl has changed me in more ways than I can describe.

She makes me want to be a better person, and yet every day I'm still failing in some way. I need to be more positive, more mindful of what I do and say and of the expressions I let cross my face. She seems to know if I'm upset because she'll correspondingly cry. The other day she crawled into our fireplace (which …

International Travel With Baby

(Yes, she rode on the scooter. My mother will likely have a heart attack when she sees this picture. 
Baby's face is hidden to protect the innocent.)
Our first real vacation as a three-member family is now complete! We had a great time in Kalymnos, Greece for the majority of October. In fact, the post I just linked in the first sentence was inspired by our last trip to the same destination in 2012. Things were definitely a bit different this time, mainly due to the addition of the baby. We still met my criteria for an "ideal vacation": long enough period of time, minimal logistics required, lots of physical activity, and rich social interaction. However, on this trip we did hire one scooter to open up transportation options a bit more, in terms of both climbing crags that we could visit and locations where we could purchase amenities/etc.

The internet is awash with detailed tips for international travel with babies and toddlers, and I'm ashamed to say that I didn…