Lessons From My Daughter: One Year Old

Lots of growth for both of us this year

Unbelievably, one year has passed since our daughter joined our little family. When thinking about what to say on this milestone day, I feel the way I feel when I unexpectedly win an award or recognition: speechless. I've read some beautiful pieces dedicated to writers' children on their birthdays, stuff worthy of literature... Well, I've got none of that today. Obviously I love to write, and although I'm an introvert at heart, I normally don't have trouble expressing myself when I need to. But I write today simply to say that having and raising this girl has changed me in more ways than I can describe.

She makes me want to be a better person, and yet every day I'm still failing in some way. I need to be more positive, more mindful of what I do and say and of the expressions I let cross my face. She seems to know if I'm upset because she'll correspondingly cry. The other day she crawled into our fireplace (which is not connected to a fire source but is dirty and elevated a foot or so off the ground)... I think the shocked look on my face as I ran over to swoop her out of there whipped her into a frenzy. I want to do the right things in my life - take care of myself, eat to nourish my body, constantly strive for balance - so as to set a good example for her. It all has to be OK though, because I'm her only mother and I'm doing the best I can in any given moment.

Whoops, maybe I shouldn't have done that

One year is such a short time in the grand scheme of things, and yet it seems as if she's been here all along. I have memories of my life before her, but it's hard to remember myself without her. Happy birthday baby, on this day after Thanksgiving! I give quiet thanks for you every day.


  1. Congratulations Dawn on a wonderful year of motherhood and Happy Birthday to your precious daughter!



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