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PB Top Posts of 2016

Our Christmas postcard this year
After the major events of 2015, this year has been about adjusting to the addition of another whole person to our family. I'm not going to lie, it has been challenging to morph the activities of our daily lives as she grows up, from 24/7 needs to crawling to walking and getting into everything. It's been a beautiful progression to witness, but just when you think you've figured something out, she changes again!

With all the child rearing activities, I didn't post as many times as I would have liked to this year, something I will definitely be working on for next year! This list provides a short trip down the 2016 memory lane with the most popular (by pageview) posts of the year:

5) It's a virtual tie between two Lessons From My Daughter posts: one about body love and the other about looking beyond material things

4) A post about long walks and how good they are for relaxation and productivity

3) Results of my sugar detox experiment

Is Upgrading Always Worth It?

Moving is fun... or is it?
Upward mobility. We're geared to seek it as goal-driven professionals, as Americans, as humans. Our innate sense is to improve our circumstances, otherwise we run the risk of becoming weak and irrelevant. In modern circles, though, this evolutionary holdover has morphed into a ridiculous constant upgrading of our stuff.

There's a misconception that upgrading will make us happier. In fact, there was a 2010 Princeton study with a large polling group that found people's happiness did not increase further as they advanced to incomes beyond $75,000 per year. This has been re-analyzed multiple times and put throughdifferent cost-of-living lenses, but the general result is the same: more is not better. The book Happy Money also points out that after the initial excitement of a new car/bigger house/shiny material purchase, people's happiness level when encountered with that thing tends to fade over time. The original situation prior to the upgrade pr…